Quality Assurance


Mark World outsourcing methodology is built on a sound foundation and assure that all processes are planned, documented and implemented according to plan. Each process is scrutinized through our management review process assuring that the quality is aligned with our organizational goals & standards.


Following factors play an important role in assuring quality in all our processes:


1. Our People

Mark World considers people to be the most critical component in their quality delivery mechanism. We hire best talent in the market, train them and provide them with a winning and growth-oriented work culture that emphasizes learning, achievement, best practices and attractive reward schemes. We encourage entrepreneurial managerial talent and the ownership of responsibility.


2. Diversity

Global diversity is affecting everyone in business. That's why Mark World offers a globally diverse staff that is prepared to meet our client's needs.


3. Flexibility

Mark World has a reputation of being the most flexible and client responsive outsource provider in the market. We can handle any program, however complicated it can be. We become a virtual extension of our clients for customer care, acquisition, and retention and satisfaction programs.


4. Stability

Mark World has solid experience in Web hosting Industry and with the strong management team; we offer a high level of expertise in managing customer care, customer acquisition, up sells, cross-sells and third party verification. Our technical staff, with multiple years of call center experience, implements the most sophisticated technologies. The result is a stable company, one that clients want to establish a long-term business relationship with.


5. Process specific training

Mark World's in-house training facility is best in the industry and takes care of training modules that covers the following areas:


• Quality

• Customer Service

• Corporate Culture

• Spoken   English

• Skill Enhancement

• Development of Aptitude


6. Technology

We have has developed substantial technology capabilities to meet today's demanding call center requirements and to provide leading edge to our clients.


We have internet enabled workstations for today's multi-channel contacts. Our programmes are developed in house for optimal efficiency and to meet your requirements well. We have specialists working as technical experts with us. They have multiple years of call center technology experience and are focused on program requirements, accuracy, quality, and system's effectiveness.