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Mark World has a proven expertise in revenue generation through outbound/inbound call centre and telemarketing/support services. We specialize in Mortgage Lead Generation, Mortgage live transfer or Mortgage Hot transfer leads, Loan Processing, Cash Out and Debt Leads. We work with clients to create a quality, custom-designed campaign that produces high conversion.


Mark World provides the varied continuum of mortgage lending products with the wide spectrum of services. We offer the services in home equity lending, mortgage and refinance lending. Our expertise knowledge in mortgage industry enables us to assist lenders, brokers, and bankers in US, UK and Australian market. Our teams of mortgage processors are experienced in Conventional, Sub prime, VA and FHA loans.


We follow shared delivery model to connect our US clients and Indian Vendors.


Our objectives are:

• Higher shareholder value.

• Cost reductions by leveraging the best functions of business process.

• Focus on resources and management effort with the help of data mining.

• Quality work

• Expertise in financial services.


Our dedicated team of professionals has real-world experience of implementing successful projects in India for international clients. Our team of transition managers, trainers, processors, call center agents, system analysts and programmers are well equipped to analyze, plan, implement and maintain your company's outsourcing interests.



Immediate cost savings of 40-60% over US & UK costs

• Improved quality and productivity

• Improved turn-around time

• Flexibility of variable staffing

• Expansion of business volume

• Focus on core competency


Our Mortgage consulting Services provide you with the means to successfully transform, improve and manage your organization for global success.


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