Engagement Models


Mark World has adopted few engagement models that suit their client's business environment. Following are some of these models that we have incorporated to help our clients:


Build Operate Transfer Model

Through "Build Operate Transfer" model, we help our clients to set up the contact centre from beginning to the end. The activities we cover ranges from establishment of the operation, acquisition of facilities and staff and extends to actually running the centre for a defined period. Once the centre and services are well established, we transfer the management and ownership to our client. This proven service transfer platform is designed to ensure process integrity and minimize inherent migration risks.


Traditional outsourcing Model

We use "Traditional Outsourcing Model" to move the entire business process offshore. It helps our clients to leverage the expertise and cost benefits offered by us. We take the complete responsibility for carrying out the business process.


Co-Managed Outsourcing Model

We use "Co-managed Outsourcing Model" and call a manager from the client's end and shift him at our offshore center. This not only helps our client's in boosting their confidence but also enables them to take full advantage of the Mark World's knowledge of local laws and culture.


Joint Venture Model

We use the "Joint Venture Model" and set up a joint venture entity to service the client's business. We blend our expertise and service skills with the knowledge of the customer and maintain greater management control.


Assisted Build Out model

We use "Assisted Build Out Model" works for those clients of ours that require assistance with specific processes like recruitment, training or quality initiatives that are associated with captive operations.


Reserved Capacity model

We use "Reserved Capacity Model" for captive operations that call for the purchase of enough outsourced capability, in terms of staff and infrastructure, to perform a certain amount of work.