Content Dizitization


Mark World is one of the leading companies in content digitization services. Our content digitization services involves conversion of print and other materials into an electronic format to allow easy accessibility, sharing and searching and linkage with related material.


Our up-to-date infrastructure coupled with high precision delivery systems enables us Customer to provide cutting edge content digitization solutions to our clients. Our competency lies in transforming huge volumes of raw digital monolithic pages into intelligent digital content with very high accuracy level.


Mark World provides the following Digitization Solutions:


• Data capture/OCR
• Electronic manuscript & traditional keyboarding
• Specialty scanning
• Color separations & corrections
• Page layout and composition
• Indexing and Cross-referencing Proofreading & editing
• Conversion to/from XML & PDF
• Repurposing source content for CD
• Repurposing source content for web (eBooks / eJournals)
• Digital archival services